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The key is to remain consistent. And always have someone else read it over…

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As I come closer to my first blogging goal ever I feel the need to say thank you to everyone that has continued to read my random posts. Your support and continued interest is what makes HarsH ReaLiTy what it is. I have put in countless hours since I created this blog last January and although it hasn’t “paid off” in the ways I may have dreamed… it has provided encouragement in ways I never thought of.

One goal around the corner. The next goal going in the oven. And that is the grind people.


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The Anecdote: The Basketball Game

Stewart was a lousy basketball player. He really didn’t like any type of sport because of the simple fact that he didn’t want to get all sweaty. He was born and raised in a town called Kalihi. Stewart remembered the days that he went to the basketball court with his brother Miles. Miles was an agile, quick, and extremely athletic person. Miles could make lots of three pointers. Stewart would sit along side the court and just observe all of the guys. They were roughly three to four years older than him. They would get all sweaty trying to put the ball in the basketball net. “Sub.” Called out Miles. Sub meant that someone had to take Miles place on the basketball court. It is so interesting how many people communicate in such a broad manner such as yelling “Sub!” Most ordinary people have no idea of the technical basketball word like sub, which actually means substitute. Stewart being himself really didn’t think much of it, at all, but was forced to act quickly. Miles yelled, “Eh Stewart sub for me.”  Stewart just looked at Miles and said, “Not even, I ain’t doing that.” The interesting thing about all of this was the fact that people really didn’t care who substituted. The substitute could have been Stewart, but they wouldn’t have cared. The reason why Stewart wasn’t a talented basketball player was because of the fact that he was better at doing other things.

Philippine Officials in Jail

My interest in the Philippine Islands started, when I went to cut my hair at the Salt Lake Shopping Center Supercuts. I met this wonderful lady, who introduced herself to me and self identified as a Filipino. She kept on talking with an assumption that I was Filipino. She asked me twice if I was a Filipino and I said, yes. Then, our conversation shifted to more of a sharing of information. She asked if I had TFC. At first, I did not now what she meant. Then, she said again, do you have TFC? I said, no. At that point, I realized that she was talking about The Filipino Channel (TFC). At this point, she felt like she needed to tell me that on TFC, the news was broadcasting information about the current state of affairs of the Philippines. She said, that high government officials were in jail. This stemmed from our conversation regarding her witness to security guards that stand at every storefront in Manila. These guards protect the businesses from being robbed. I told her that my Filipino friends, who travel to the Philippines, told me that I should stay clear of the streets in the Philippines because people may rob you. The, the woman said, if you go to the Philippines, then you cannot walk around like you are “all that.” At this point, I told her that I would be afraid because I was under the impression that the Philippine government was corrupt being that militias continue to exist. She then said it is because of the Muslims. Then, she continued to reiterate that it is the reason why the high-ranking officials are in jail.

If high ranking officials are in jail, then who is running the country of the Philippines? According to “Philippines,” “The Philippines government is considering rechanneling the $100 million budget allotted to its nuclear energy development programme in the light of the Fukushima disaster. The country currently has plans to study nuclear energy” (10). Now, with its entire high-ranking elected officials in prison, do you trust a government that is considering a 100 million dollar budget on nuclear energy?

Now, keep in mind, I am a local Hawaii born American citizen, who cares deeply for my grandfather’s home country and relatives, and this is why I write, in order to share my sentiments. On the upside, the Philippine Nation has a pretty sound Emergency Management (EM) system in place (Alcantara). Not only does Alcantara write different ways that the EM plan works, but also gives some suggestions so that the Philippines can work on this EM plan.

The woman that I spoke to shared that the debacle of the Hurricane Yolanda may have resulted in these high-ranking officials going to jail because they lied and stole from their people.

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Alcantara, Patrick. “Lessons Learned from the Philippine Government’s Response to Typhoon Haiyan.” Journal of business continuity & emergency planning 7.4 (2014): 335. Print.

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May 25th, 2013

Thoughts on Paper.

1) Toothpaste that is biodegradable?

2) Someone at work said that I am not in the process of getting my PhD. In I/O psychology? After further reflection, Carl you are right!

3) A For-profit organization that helps educate America that is self-sustaining and simple.

4) Send a Ball. Send a Book.

5) Reading and writing.

6) Simplify- downsize, do not acquire more, but get rid of more.

7) Digitize everything.

Zoo gas- $50.00

Zoo water- $2.21

Stress- from being a passenger.

Stress- from parking.

Manapua 4 @ $2.25 each

Pork Hash 4 @ $0.85 each

Bob has lots of anger.

We take the long way.

Bob has regret.

We drove around looking for parking, none available. No stalls on Kapahulu Avenue 2x car towed twice

Parking is a HUGE ordeal with Bob.

In Betweens…

April 28th, 2014

Yesterday, Adam, Bob, and I, did a volunteer event called Lemonade Alley at the Waikiki Hyatt. Then, we had a wonderful time eating at Genki Sushi like we have never eaten before. Bob looked happy. Adam was extremely happy. I tried to catch up to them, but I couldn’t.

When we woke up this morning, Bob had already made coffee and the clothes were ready to go into the dryer. I kept hearing his voice to wake up and come outside to help. My dad gave “the air” and the wall a most disgusting face. My mom indifferent as usual. I smoked a cigarette, went back into the room, and desperately wanted to write about my pathos.

I then went to help with the laundry and didn’t think that my mom would ever springboard off of us doing laundry, but it seems like we have a chore schedule. A charter if you will.

Ethos- In order to lift my character, I will not swear anymore people. I have gotten used to in an all about setting where we do not hear the swear words of adults. We think that they are exempt.

However, by preventing someone from talking we in turn create a strict behavioral issue. The issues stems from dictating how individuals should behave. The way in which we present ourselves makes a difference. With 15 years of sales experience. I have been in an industry for a long time. You also must know, really know, your product, before you try to sell it.

Logos- How do I work on my logic? Sound practical because of this, then that will work. I will always need to earn the right to ask for feedback from my parents. Life is a stage and don’t forget that.

I am in the process of having an outstanding day.

I am in the process of building my character through education.

I am in the process of making sound considerations to everyone around me.

I am in the process of being the best that I can be.

Lets implement a go green effort at my other job.

Next is water conservation.

Volunteer more with nature.