Character Map: Charles

I came to Starbucks with my boyfriend. But I can’t help looking at the other guys that walk pass. Occasionally, I like to stare at the guys with the blue shirts, silver rings, and silver and gold Fossil watches. Occasionally, when I get tired of waiting for him to order my coffee I get up to check on him.

Chapter 6

There are interesting things in Mark’s life to be addressed. Did he go to college to be a businessman or to be a doctor? There are many issues that clouded his mind. He still wondered if he should go back to school or not. School is so important to him because it seems that work never really did him any good. The only time he had fun working was when he worked at a store selling things to people. Knowing that when people bought stuff it made them happy. Happiness can only be defined by the person who is happy. It is interesting that people can clean around you while you work.