December 26th, 2013

Yesterday, on Christmas Day, I started a new authorship website on Facebook- . Before, I continue I would like to thank my honey bunny, Rev. Todd Hurst for being able to stand by me in all my endeavors.


I would like to share a morning ritual with everyone. I repeat a mantra for motivation purposes.


It goes like this, “Today is going to be a wonderful day.”


Today will be a wonderful day.


Although my coffeemaker is broken now, today will be a wonderful day.


Today will be a wonderful day.


Today will be a wonderful day.


Today will be a wonderful day.


The coffee maker is broken which means that Todd and I need to manually make our coffee from hot water and a coffee filter. My first reaction to this catastrophe was that I would need to buy a new coffee maker. Then, I thought to myself not yet.


That morning, I realized that I needed more sleep in order to get the energy I needed to face the day.


Next, my brother mentioned to me that the television is not reading the HDMI cable for the PlayStation.


Todd is making the coffee from the looks of it, and is being very successful. 


My brother is watching a brother’s grim type movie.


The coffee was delicious!


As you can see in the above writing, when I first wake up my mind is jumbled with the most basic information for motivation. Oh how I wish I could just wake up and follow a routine, which I do sometimes, without thinking. This also seems to interfere with the creative process, when you are trying to satisfy the motivation of others. Although you want to write until your hearts content, a writer needs serious heartfelt interaction with loved ones to actually include the emotions that motivates individuals to “carry on”Image so to speak.


Mahalo Nui,





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