December 28th, 2013

Today, I read some, to get some book ideas. I almost forgot how wonderful Ayn Rand books were until I got to page 27 of “Atlas Shrugged.” What amazes me is fine print that the three part book was written in. I think it is like 6 pt. font. I see an author who creates perfect characters who remain consistent throughout the text. James Dagny seems like the carefree president of a huge train company. His sister, Daphne? Dagny, a cut-throat deal maker, which is probably something extremely rare for a woman in that time period.


Major Influences

There was a major car accident in Waianae where three people passed and five people were injured. This is the same freeway that Todd and I drove just a week ago.

My heart sincerely goes out to those families. I remained in shock for most of the morning. I still remember my cousin Amanda Laulusa. I also remember my uncle  Herman Nunies so it really pains my heart.

Minor influences

Last week and the prior week there was severe lightning that hit the road twice.

Do not forget the five senses when writing: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste.

In many good books or in general there are a lot of political warfare /exclusivity with the in group versus the out group.

Christmas- includes happiness and joy, pain and suffering for others

Feminism- strong women fighting for the rights of the underdog

Are humans smart when ignorant or rather deal with less conflict A.K.A. Avoidance personality

Salsa -coffee with sugar, cigarettes

Noisy buses, the sound of slippers

Simulacra – Change in fake life = Change in real life.

Finally, I had a question from one of my co-workers who shared a little bit of interest, in writing a romance novel. My blogs are causing some serious thinking… I love it!!!

Mahalo Nui for reading!



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