What a wonder New Year’s Eve Gift from a Lovely Lady, Rev. Todd Hurst’s Friend

Aloha Readers,

So a while back my husband Rev. Todd Hurst received a great gift from a student who he tutors at a local university campus. Yes, not only is he a Reverend of Island Ceremonies, the Treasurer of the 32nd Reign of the Imperial Court of Hawaii, an accounting student at University of Phoenix; but he is also a tutor for free. Because lovely lady was so thankful for him helping her, which is one of his many talents, she gave him a set of four Tamales. Being that both Todd and I do not have a lot of experience with Tamales, we had no idea how to heat up the food items. Nevertheless, I also found out that that lovely lady who gave Todd those Tamales, shortly after giving Todd the Tamales, faced a tragedy. Her son was hit by a car and he had head injuries with other serious back injuries as well. 

My heart goes out to this lovely lady who gave Todd and I Tamales. I pray that her family has a better New Year. When holding your loved ones this year, please enjoy their company just the way they are, no matter what the situation is, because you never know what can happen.

I have also attached a picture of the corn husk Tamales with serious-burning-spicy-hot chicken. It was very delicious. Thank you Todd for helping because you will forever be rewarded. Also, to the lovely lady, I send my positive energy to you to find peace in your future. I hope your son gets well and regains his full energy and vigor back. Happy New Year Everyone!!!





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