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I just thought I share some interesting on goings with the AT&T. Back in October my husband’s phone somehow had a defective female plug, the part where you plug in your phone charger. Therefore, we went to AT&T’s kiosk in Ala Moana for their assistance, as that was what the Customer service representative, told us to do. They almost did not sell us a GO phone because they claimed, that they do not do that, now this came from the manager of that Kiosk, who is now the manager of the Ala Moana Store AT&T. Go figure!


Anyhow, we finally received the replacement phone from Warranty in October of 2013. They still have yet to credit me $399.00, which I think is ridiculous, considering we sent the phone back to them in November. Now it is January. Furthermore, I IM chatted with an AT&T representative, named…

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