January 11th, 2014

Aloha Everyone,


I am going to take the time today to blog very quickly about an extraordinary day I had with my aunty Sharon Antolin. Beginning with yesterday, I wrote responses to discussion questions on various writers like Hemmingway, Irving, and other famous American authors. More to come on this topic later; however, I did not get to bed until about 2AM. I cannot really remember. Now, my aunty wakes me up through my bedroom door by cooking Pork Adobo, she adds garlic, vinegar, soy sauce, to 30 dollars worth of pork butt. Keep in mind; she cut them into slices, the night before. Then, right away she asks did you want to eat breakfast. We decide on eating at the pancake house in Kalihi, on Waikamilo Road. Then, we head out to Foodland to buy some flowers from my grandmother Laverne Nunies’s grave. Then, we look for a thank you card for my aunty’s friend who used to live in Las Vegas, Nevada, who now lives in Honolulu, Hawaii, working at Starbucks on Kapahulu Avenue. The Rev. Dr. Todd Edward Hurst, D.D. drives us around this entire day. He takes us to the graveyard to put flowers. We cut the flowers with the same scissors that we used to diligently cut some Christmas Trees that we sell for the People Living with HIV/AIDs (PLWHA). Then, we try to find the gravestone of one of my aunty’s dear friends and we end up, not finding it. Great! May he rest in peace. Next, we went to Beretania Street to find flower leis so we can cut the flowers to separate them into loose flowers. Then, we head to Waikiki to the Kapalama Pier. Actually, it is the pier to the left of the Kapalama Pier. We scatter flowers as we look into the ocean and sky, when grey clouds start to form. We quickly get us a Starbucks fix by going to Starbucks at the end of Kapahulu near Kalakaua Avenue. Aunty Sharon orders her usual Café Latte no whip to the brim with sugar and cream. Todd orders a Hazelnut Latte. I order a Café Americano, warm. Then, we head directly home to see serious rain flooding the roads of Nimitz Highway. Then, my mother drives us to Kunia to go to my cousin Karlyn’s house where we eat white rice, barbeque chicken, spareribs, and Pork Adobo, with Pepsi of course. We get to see Karlyn, Aunty Renee, Karter boy, Shakira, Kenneth, Uncle Iese, Aunty Sandy, Uncle John, and Lena. Mind this time, my mother drove Aunty Sharon, Todd, and I to the beautiful green grassed and yarded home. Then, we picked up my dad from work who worked all day. Next, we drove my aunty Sharon to Hawaii Kai 18 miles away so she could spend some quality time with my other aunty Sharon. Yes, they have the same names. She has a wonderful home as well. Finally, we drive home to see my good friend Terry Limbaga near my house taking a break from shopping at Savers on Dillingham. Now, off to writing, more papers.


ImageThank you for reading!



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