January 28th, 2014

Aloha Readers,

Today, I woke up feeling extremely tired and needed to take a break from the busy-ness/hustle and bustle of life. I needed to remain at home from work and get myself into the right state of mind, to reevaluate life and how things are.

DoublecrownedempressJerrine Ka'iulani Jeffries and The Rev. Dr. Todd E. Hurst, D.D.
DoublecrownedempressJerrine Ka’iulani Jeffries and The Rev. Dr. Todd E. Hurst, D.D.


SB1 is a controversial bill, which allows same-sex couples to marry, to essentially become equal to a heterosexual couple. What I find to be utterly ridiculous is the fact that the whole concept is based on sexuality and not gender. I know many heterosexual couples who are transgendered, yet they fight for their homosexual brothers and sisters. But, why is the focus on sex and not on life, liberty, and happiness?

On a side note, I do still feel like two men who are together experience more discrimination than two women who are together, but I maybe completely wrong. The Rev. Dr. Todd E. Hurst, D.D. concurs.

During SB1 – I seen some interesting people who wished for the people to vote, yet in my face they were kind, gentle, and accepting. To let the people vote is much like the anti-abolitionist of Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Margaret Fuller’s time. This was 100 years ago maybe more.

Now, with no disrespect to the church or churches, a church, a brick and mortar entity, requires money to run. To have a place to worship proves important, however, what is the real vision/mission of a church? New Hope Church used Christian dollars and followers to fund at anti-SB1/pro-vote campaign to tip the scales of inevitability. I encourage anyone to read “Slavery in Massachusetts” and you will see the striking similarities. Then, you have First Assembly of God, a church, who continues, until today, to send The. Rev. Dr. Todd E. Hurst, D.D. mail, which states Mr. Todd Hurst and Ms. Keoki Nunies. This church sent out anti-SB1 propaganda as well, which is illegal according to The Rev. Dr. Todd E. Hurst, D.D. Please understand that I do not disrespect, but, this very church, who sent 1000s of people to their death as martyrs to places, where they do not accept Christianity. I know this first hand by visit the church one Sunday. China is one of those countries; keep in mind, as a nation we owe them, at minimum, 3 trillion dollars.

Bacon and Eggs

Nothing starts the day better than washing clothes and cooking bacon and eggs for my family.

The smell of some juicy bacon fills your sense of smell, satiating the most ravishing hunger.

My right thumb burns with the heat of the bacon oil.

Coffee, cigarettes, and Church talk???


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