The screaming y…

The screaming yellow machine yells, ‘Do not go to sleep!!!’

At this very moment, there is a horrendous sound outside that sounds like a cat-like animal dying for her last breath. I am feeling like a prisoner lock within my head thinking, ‘are you seriously going to pave Dillingham Boulevard the entire night. You must be kidding’ No joke! Currently, it is 11:43PM and some intelligent individual made the decision to pierce our ears with Machetes, which are used only to cut down bamboo trees in the forest that can never die. If the sounds came out like beautiful melodic music, then I would not be so angry. Nevertheless, I know that you can relate. By looking into your own mind, you can see the wonderful magically colors that float across your eye as you look up at the ceiling through the lonely isolated abode of the lady in the lake propped up on the lavatory walls. Wow, the sound stopped. The cat is no longer crying, what happened and what did you do to her. Then, the bus driver drives the bus pass my door to give the island of Oahu more pollution than it needs. There she screams again, like a banshee in the night. Will this prove that I am here, or there, not everywhere, for if I was here then I would certainly here the queer screeching cat.



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