My Cousins’

Aloha ahiahi ia oukou,

Today, the day turned out to be a wonderfully relaxing day, as I did not have any homework due. At least, I thought I did not. As soon as The Rev. Dr. and I woke up, I saw an instant messenger from my cousin via Facebook telling me to let my father know that my niece wanted to tell him, that Potus was on a Par 3 for 45 minutes. In all honesty, I really have no idea what that means. Nor do I know who Potus is. My cousin proves time and time again that she is the bravest Nunies that I know. She is probably, the only Nunies that I know who had the courage to join the military, as an unwed mother to serve her country. Never mind that she had to watch children, who were not her children for six years. Persecute her because she has ambition. Is that a rule? After having a conversation with my cousin, I slowly realized that she handles the things that I do similarly. Having a foreigner as a husband, foreign to Hawaii definitely makes for many misunderstandings.

Just because you are my uncle this does mean you can give away my things, regardless, it is not yours or your place to give away another’s things. Your son-in-law was angry for you giving away his things, and giving away not-agreed-upon items.

My cousin took a promotion to work in Washington D.C. going up the ladder in the IRS; there is no one stopping her. In all honesty, I am happy and proud of her.

Why can’t everyone else be as proud? What do you have against success?

After talking with her for great a while, I realized that she is very happy with her skills. Others in her family are happy that she can give them thousands of dollars, when she can, why can’t they be happy for her?

Why am I writing this you ask? Well the moral of this story is that you should be happy for others, even help them in their time of need. When you surrender to your own agenda, then you are helping others by helping them understand their goals. Also, you are helping them to justify those goals.

My cousin’s older brother, my cousin, is a manager for a trucking location. I am very proud of him! His wife, my cousin, owns her own company and I am proud her.

I am extremely proud to say that my cousin, who works for the IRS, who went to high school in Waianae, has a daughter who is majoring in Anthropology, a wonderful and fascinating subject, hands down, with the evolution of man, which is fantastic.

I am proud of you Kryssilin Padello

Mahalo for Reading,




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