April 28th, 2014

Yesterday, Adam, Bob, and I, did a volunteer event called Lemonade Alley at the Waikiki Hyatt. Then, we had a wonderful time eating at Genki Sushi like we have never eaten before. Bob looked happy. Adam was extremely happy. I tried to catch up to them, but I couldn’t.

When we woke up this morning, Bob had already made coffee and the clothes were ready to go into the dryer. I kept hearing his voice to wake up and come outside to help. My dad gave “the air” and the wall a most disgusting face. My mom indifferent as usual. I smoked a cigarette, went back into the room, and desperately wanted to write about my pathos.

I then went to help with the laundry and didn’t think that my mom would ever springboard off of us doing laundry, but it seems like we have a chore schedule. A charter if you will.

Ethos- In order to lift my character, I will not swear anymore people. I have gotten used to in an all about setting where we do not hear the swear words of adults. We think that they are exempt.

However, by preventing someone from talking we in turn create a strict behavioral issue. The issues stems from dictating how individuals should behave. The way in which we present ourselves makes a difference. With 15 years of sales experience. I have been in an industry for a long time. You also must know, really know, your product, before you try to sell it.

Logos- How do I work on my logic? Sound practical because of this, then that will work. I will always need to earn the right to ask for feedback from my parents. Life is a stage and don’t forget that.

I am in the process of having an outstanding day.

I am in the process of building my character through education.

I am in the process of making sound considerations to everyone around me.

I am in the process of being the best that I can be.

Lets implement a go green effort at my other job.

Next is water conservation.

Volunteer more with nature.


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