May 25th, 2013

Thoughts on Paper.

1) Toothpaste that is biodegradable?

2) Someone at work said that I am not in the process of getting my PhD. In I/O psychology? After further reflection, Carl you are right!

3) A For-profit organization that helps educate America that is self-sustaining and simple.

4) Send a Ball. Send a Book.

5) Reading and writing.

6) Simplify- downsize, do not acquire more, but get rid of more.

7) Digitize everything.

Zoo gas- $50.00

Zoo water- $2.21

Stress- from being a passenger.

Stress- from parking.

Manapua 4 @ $2.25 each

Pork Hash 4 @ $0.85 each

Bob has lots of anger.

We take the long way.

Bob has regret.

We drove around looking for parking, none available. No stalls on Kapahulu Avenue 2x car towed twice

Parking is a HUGE ordeal with Bob.

In Betweens…


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