Philippine Officials in Jail

My interest in the Philippine Islands started, when I went to cut my hair at the Salt Lake Shopping Center Supercuts. I met this wonderful lady, who introduced herself to me and self identified as a Filipino. She kept on talking with an assumption that I was Filipino. She asked me twice if I was a Filipino and I said, yes. Then, our conversation shifted to more of a sharing of information. She asked if I had TFC. At first, I did not now what she meant. Then, she said again, do you have TFC? I said, no. At that point, I realized that she was talking about The Filipino Channel (TFC). At this point, she felt like she needed to tell me that on TFC, the news was broadcasting information about the current state of affairs of the Philippines. She said, that high government officials were in jail. This stemmed from our conversation regarding her witness to security guards that stand at every storefront in Manila. These guards protect the businesses from being robbed. I told her that my Filipino friends, who travel to the Philippines, told me that I should stay clear of the streets in the Philippines because people may rob you. The, the woman said, if you go to the Philippines, then you cannot walk around like you are “all that.” At this point, I told her that I would be afraid because I was under the impression that the Philippine government was corrupt being that militias continue to exist. She then said it is because of the Muslims. Then, she continued to reiterate that it is the reason why the high-ranking officials are in jail.

If high ranking officials are in jail, then who is running the country of the Philippines? According to “Philippines,” “The Philippines government is considering rechanneling the $100 million budget allotted to its nuclear energy development programme in the light of the Fukushima disaster. The country currently has plans to study nuclear energy” (10). Now, with its entire high-ranking elected officials in prison, do you trust a government that is considering a 100 million dollar budget on nuclear energy?

Now, keep in mind, I am a local Hawaii born American citizen, who cares deeply for my grandfather’s home country and relatives, and this is why I write, in order to share my sentiments. On the upside, the Philippine Nation has a pretty sound Emergency Management (EM) system in place (Alcantara). Not only does Alcantara write different ways that the EM plan works, but also gives some suggestions so that the Philippines can work on this EM plan.

The woman that I spoke to shared that the debacle of the Hurricane Yolanda may have resulted in these high-ranking officials going to jail because they lied and stole from their people.

Works Cited

Alcantara, Patrick. “Lessons Learned from the Philippine Government’s Response to Typhoon Haiyan.” Journal of business continuity & emergency planning 7.4 (2014): 335. Print.

“Philippines.” Nuclear Engineering International 56.686 (2011): 10. Print.


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