The Anecdote: The Basketball Game

Stewart was a lousy basketball player. He really didn’t like any type of sport because of the simple fact that he didn’t want to get all sweaty. He was born and raised in a town called Kalihi. Stewart remembered the days that he went to the basketball court with his brother Miles. Miles was an agile, quick, and extremely athletic person. Miles could make lots of three pointers. Stewart would sit along side the court and just observe all of the guys. They were roughly three to four years older than him. They would get all sweaty trying to put the ball in the basketball net. “Sub.” Called out Miles. Sub meant that someone had to take Miles place on the basketball court. It is so interesting how many people communicate in such a broad manner such as yelling “Sub!” Most ordinary people have no idea of the technical basketball word like sub, which actually means substitute. Stewart being himself really didn’t think much of it, at all, but was forced to act quickly. Miles yelled, “Eh Stewart sub for me.”  Stewart just looked at Miles and said, “Not even, I ain’t doing that.” The interesting thing about all of this was the fact that people really didn’t care who substituted. The substitute could have been Stewart, but they wouldn’t have cared. The reason why Stewart wasn’t a talented basketball player was because of the fact that he was better at doing other things.


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