Prior to May 15th, 2001 Part III: Anecdote

Stewart was quite basketball skill challenged. The boy really could not make a single basket. No matter how many times Stewart tried to make a basket, he failed and failed again and again. Maybe it was because he did not have a knack for basketball.

Stewart really was not into any kind of sport. He was mostly into music. He found that it was just simply “unhealthy” to sweat. He could stay home from school and listen to the radio all day long, staring at the wall without getting bored from the static view.

Stewart was born and raised in Kalihi. Sure it was a rough neighborhood, but Stewart survived. Watching basketball and watching the television, Stewart chose to watch basketball. Even though he despised all sports he liked watching basketball instead of television.

The only reason why Stewart chose to watch basketball was because of the fact that his brother Miles would play everyday after school. Also, because of the fact that they lived like one block away from a basketball court. He liked watching his brother beat all of the neighborhood.

Miles was an extremely quick, agile, and good basketball player. He made many three pointers. Miles had an indescribably talent.


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